About us

With the constant evolution of technology, services, and daily routines, it can be tough to adapt real estate to our latest needs. As a young PropTech company, we, the Quarters Group, develop innovative digitalized real estate living concepts worldwide. With this goal in mind, we adapt to the changing needs of a mobile, spontaneous and above all, an individualized society with a “we”-culture. At the Quarters Group, we incorporate the latest trends for our tenants while maintaining a long-lasting, developer-friendly product. For us, customer service and experience are the keys to the future of housing.

Timeline Medici Living Group

Together with our partners, new housing projects are developed with efficient layouts and Co-Living programming to counteract the scarcity of affordable living space and to promote the building of a community. Due to the increased efficiency and intelligent layouts, the building construction costs can be reduced and the potential yield can be increased considerably. By signing a long-term lease with us as Quarters Group, you are guaranteed a fully stabilized building from day one, making the property more attractive to investors. For our tenants, we can reduce rents far below market standard due to the optimized layout and increased density. Thus, we create additional value both for owners and tenants alike.

In addition to new construction projects, existing investment properties can also be master leased, which means that a full utilization is guaranteed and the costly search for tenants is over. With the aid of our digitalized processes, efficient layout planning, and superior management teams, we can increase the value of the property substantially. By standardizing and automating management processes, the tenants’ experience is simplified, which allows us to create seamless, hassle-free user experiences.


In order to create more innovative housing- and Co-Living concepts in major cities worldwide, founder Gunther Schmidt, launched the Quarters Group (formerly the Medici Living Group) in 2012 together with Co-Founders and Managing Directors, Robert Gmeiner and Ferdinand von Fumetti. Since then, the three founders have together pushed forward the development and international expansion of the business.


We are proud to say that our Quarters Group includes the bold, the creative, the innovative, and the passionate. We have created a working atmosphere that is just as fun and unique as each member of our team. That’s because our employees come from diverse backgrounds but share a common passion: to revolutionize living. For this reason, our Co-Living concept was formed after years of adjustments by the stories of each and every team member.

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